Probiotics in Skincare – TULA Brand Spotlight

I’ve been pretty into my microbiota lately. Does that sound strange? Did you know that you have more bacterial cells in your body than you have human cells? Our bodies are adapted to work synergistically with the millions of beneficial… Continue Reading

DIY Mango Butter Tea Tree Body Balm

  You guys, I’ve been having so much fun DIY-ing my own body products that I had to pop in here to share my latest creation, a DIY body balm. DIY body balms and butters are pretty easy because it’s… Continue Reading

Timeless Vitamin C + E Ferulic Acid Serum Review

  Vitamin C is one of my favorite skincare actives. It does everything from brightening to fading brown spots, to plumping the skin, improving radiance, and treating fine lines. I also have a soft spot for it personally because it… Continue Reading

DIY Lip Balm – So Crazy Easy!

  Several weeks ago I posted about my DIY lip balm on my Instastories and a few of you commented with questions, so I decided to make it again and make the instructions more clear. Don’t worry, I’m not turning… Continue Reading

Georgette Klinger Review – A Relaunched Classic

  Georgette Klinger founded an uber-successful line of spas and salons in the 70s and 80s. A celebrity facialist, she had clients like Bette Midler, Candice Bergen, and Hillary Clinton, among a slew of celebrities who would flock to her… Continue Reading

Dr. Roebucks Skincare Review

  I’ve been wanting to write this review for quite a long time, but I wanted to make sure I gave myself enough time to do justice to the products. One of my 2018 New Year’s Resolutions was to start… Continue Reading

The Detox Box January 2018

Is there any better time for a detox than January? I’m sure I’m not the only one who has vowed to eat healthier, sleep earlier, and stick to clean beauty products? When The Detox Market approached me to review their… Continue Reading

Instytutum Skincare – Serum, Triple Peel, and Sheet Masks

  Instytutum Skincare is one of those skincare brands that seem to have garnered quite a cult following on social media. Their PR team (Blue Wheel Media) is super sweet and contacted me a few months ago to send me… Continue Reading

2017 Blog Recap and New Year’s Resolutions

  I meant to publish this post on Jan 1st, and it’s already over a week later! This holiday season has been a little insane with family, work, and celebrations. I guess I’m jumping at full speed into 2018! I’ve… Continue Reading

Exuviance Age Reverse Total Correct and Sculpt Serum

  Exuviance Age Reverse Total Correct and Sculpt Serum. Whew! That’s quite a mouthful, and it promises quite a lot. I kept seeing Exuviance products pop up on my Brandbacker dashboard, and I know their products have a really good… Continue Reading