July 2015 Hauls & Mini-Reviews

Guys, I hauled a little too hard this month. I mean, it’s only the 17th and I’m definitely on a no-buy for the rest of the month. A no-buy that I broke this morning. I have a problem.

Well, as a result I have lots of products to gawk at. As Tracy wrote a few months back on Fanserviced-B, one of the strengths of the Korean beauty industry is that their products are so much more than merely functional. Kbeauty products combine skincare with entertainment (skincaretainment) with their innovative formulas, fun/beautiful packaging, and the chance to connect with other fans over silly/weird/awesome products.

Even though I only have one face and it’s going to take me a long time to use up (or even to test) each of these products, I am really enjoying looking at the packaging, trying out something new every night (I admit, I’m not big on the patch testing game — don’t be like me) and anticipating sharing about my favorite products.

These are a few of the products I got this month…


Missha Cho Bo Yang Gift Set




I’m going to visit my mom soon, and I’m planning to bring her an early birthday present of the Missha Cho Bo Yang set with toner/mini essence/emulsion/cream, which I bought during the 40% off sale at Missha US. I’m going to keep the trial sizes to test myself though, because I’ve been itching to try out a hanbang (traditional Korean medicine) set! I’ve used the toner/emulsion/cream a couple times so far, and I really like the toner and emulsion. They are quite moisturizing and have an herbal, but not overpowering smell. The cream may be a little too rich for my 32-year-old skin, but hopefully it’ll be perfect for my mom.




I really like the packaging — it’s kind of like the Gong Li of beauty product packaging, elegant, classy, and beautiful.



I got sucked into the Peach and Lily referral campaign recently and hauled a couple of products — the Neroli Facial Oil, and the Damask Rose Gel.




I haven’t tried the oil yet (so many new products to test!), but I LOVE the rose gel so far — it feels like aloe vera gel and it leaves my skin much softer than before, and smells heavenly. Just so pleasant to put on (a big factor in my purchases)! It’s not very occlusive (doesn’t seal in the moisture), so if you have very dry skin, you’ll want to put a thicker lotion on top. Think of it as an essence for your body, to be used before your cream =).

I’ve loved all the Aromatica products I’ve tried so far (I’ve used their Vitamin C, Rose Serum, and Vital Fluid), so I have high hopes for the facial oil as well. Oh do you want a $10 off $50 referral link to Peach and Lily? Here you go.


Kose Clear Turn Vitamin C Masks




I ordered these popular Vitamin C masks on Amazon (affiliate link) a long time ago and they finally arrived from Japan. I really enjoyed the one I tried a couple days ago. It’s smaller than other masks, but that works out well for me because I usually have flaps of excess mask fabric draping over my hair and chin. The essence was moisturizing without feeling gloopy or sticky, and it definitely calmed down redness in my face, at least temporarily. The only downside was I felt like the mask dried out quite quickly compared to other masks, but was still plenty moist enough for ~30 minutes of masking time.


Ipsy Glam Bag




I also received my Ipsy Glam Bag for this month, and I think I may cancel. I’m trying to build up my makeup collection without spending a ton of money, but I haven’t loved any products so far. I just don’t get as excited about it as I do about my Asian beauty products. I think I’ll join the waitlist for the 3B Box instead.

I should really spend more time testing products instead of buying more. But they. are. so. pretty!



I’m also on Reddit at r/asianbeauty!


  1. HI ! Do you think you could review the Aromatica Neroli facial oil ? I’m super interested and I’m planning to get it (: would appreciate it! Thanks !

    • I haven’t gotten a chance to test it properly yet as I’m in the process of testing some other products and want to give them a week or two before introducing anything else. It is next on my list though! Maybe I’ll do a first impressions post in a few days?

      • Sounds great! I’ve got sensitive skin myself so I gotta be super careful and I really like the Aromatica brand (: I’ll be looking forward to your first impression and hopefully a full on review later on ~ (:

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