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Have I ever mentioned that I love rose? When I was a child, my mom had a rose-scented soap bar that she would use in the shower in her otherwise very simple beauty routine, and to me the scent of rose petals always brings me back to my childhood, in the very best way. So I pretty much can’t resist buying a rose beauty product if the opportunity arises. This is the reason why I have three rose mask products, although I can’t possibly use them all up in any reasonable amount of time.

Reason has nothing to do with it. Though you all get to benefit from my obsession now in the form of this comparison review =).

Skin79 Rose Waterfull Mask

Mamonde Rose Honey Sleeping Mask

Fresh Rose Face Mask



I’ve already reviewed the Mamonde Rose Mask here, but I thought it would be fun to compare it to the two others. As you can see, they differ quite a bit in their consistency and color.

The Mamonde has a jam-like consistency and is a light pink with small pink capsules in it. The Fresh rose mask has a similar jam-like texture but is more of a brown color (it’s lighter than it appears in this photo, more of a light brown). The fuchsia Skin79 rose mask is thicker and a bit more plasticky (or siliconey) in its appearance.




The Mamonde Rose Honey sleeping mask feels quite wet going on and takes a little while to absorb. Once it has absorbed, it has a very slight tacky finish reminiscent of well, honey. If you’ve ever used a honey ampoule like the Skinfood Propolis ampoule or the Banila Co. Miss Flower & Mr Honey Oil Essence, the resulting tackiness feels a bit like that. Really not bothersome at all. This mask is left on overnight and does a great job of plumping and smoothing my skin while I sleep. I find that it is quite soothing as well if my skin seems irritated or itchy.




The Fresh Rose Face Mask (again, it appears darker in this photo than in real life, but the color is about right) has rose petals floating in it which somehow disappear once rubbed in. This is not a sleeping mask, rather a wash-off mask that you are supposed to leave on for about 10 minutes while it hydrates and tones.

Honestly, while my skin did feel smooth and cool after I used it, I felt that it didn’t hydrate enough for me to use this on a regular basis, especially since it needs to be rinsed off, which I feel is overcleansing for me personally. I do have very dehydrated skin, so if you have more normal or oily skin, you would probably like it a lot. I’m glad I was able to try this trial size before shelling out for the full size.

Oh, and it doesn’t really smell like rose; instead it has a slight cucumber scent.




I don’t know what I expected with the Skin79 Rose Waterfull Mask, but it definitely outperformed my expectations. While it looks quite thick and siliconey, it actually melts and is quite liquidy when rubbed into my skin. Like the Mamonde Mask, I leave this on overnight, and like the Mamonde it takes a while to dry/absorb, leaving a slightly tacky film over my skin (I presume this is normal, for overnight masks to keep the moisture in).

The surprising thing is that in the morning, my face has noticeably reduced redness and appears much more toned and even. I hadn’t paid much attention to the ingredients before noticing this effect (I normally research quite a bit, but this was an impulse buy, because ROSE), but it contains niacinamide and AHAs to help reduce pigmentation and to gently remove dead skin cells, and it really had a visible effect! Since it does have AHAs in it, you should be very vigilant with your daily sunscreen use. I was quite impressed with this mask, especially since I had no preconceived notions about it and no subconscious bias.




Well, there you have it! My very non-scientific comparison of three popular rose masks! Hope it will be helpful to some of my fellow rose-lovers who are considering one of these.

Any other favorite rose products out there? I’m always on the lookout for anything rose!



  1. Hi! Thank you for your reviews. The Skin79 Rose Waterfull Mask sounds awesome! How did you use it? The on-line directions suggest applying directly after toner. However, most masks I’ve researched on-line suggest masks as the final step in your entire skin care routine. I think I like the idea of this going directly onto my skin. Curious how you incorporated this. Thanks!

    • Hi Jamie! I usually use it in place of cream, after my serums. I haven’t tried it directly after toner, though it is very hydrating so it would probably work!

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