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BB creams, as much as I love them, tend to be hit or miss for me. I adore the concept of BB creams and how they are the perfect combination of makeup coverage, SPF protection, and moisturizer. I love the finish of many BB creams and how they feel light on the skin, yet still cover up the majority of blemishes.

The problem comes when I actually try to find a BB cream that I like and that I can wear. Many BB creams end up having a sort of gray tint which makes me look a little zombie-like (especially combined with my dark circles from waking up with my 1-year old). Or they might have a pink tinge that doesn’t match my neck. Or they rub off too easily to be practical for all-day use. Or, as is generally the case, my skin simply can’t tolerate the ingredients and I end up with an itchy and irritated face, which can sometimes turn into a breakout. That last problem is a deal-breaker, which means I’ve rejected the majority of BB creams that have come my way.

Enter the Klairs Illuminating Supple BB Cream. This BB cream has joined the cast of the only three BB creams that have not irritated my skin (and as I’ve tried probably 10 to 15 brands, this is high praise). The other two are Dr. Jart+ Premium Gold and Missha M Signature. And as you’ll see from this review, the Klairs BB Cream offers something a bit different from either of those other options.




First Impressions

The Klairs comes in a simple and minimalist squeeze tube with a moderately fine tip which allows you to squeeze out the perfect amount. My first impression was that with only one shade available, the BB cream would be too light for my NC25-ish skin (in MAC shades), that has already tanned quite a bit from Southern California spring. I am between shades #23 and #27 in Missha M Signature and I usually mix the two shades to get a perfect match.

The good news is, the Klairs is the right tone for my skin, which leans yellow-toned, which means that although it is a little light, it still looks quite natural on me (by contrast, the Dr. Jart+ is far too pinkish-gray). And it spreads on with an incredibly silky feeling and is easy to rub in. In fact it feels more like a moisturizing lotion than a makeup product. Or like a really good quality CC cream (which typically has much lighter coverage than BB cream).

You can see it below on my arm, which is probably about NC27 right now. The upper swatch is the BB cream and the lower swatch is the concealer. It’s hard to see in the photo, but the concealer is a tiny bit darker and warmer (a bit more pink in tone) than the BB cream.






Well, we’ve established that the Klairs BB cream is extremely comfortable to wear, but how’s the coverage? Because the point, for me, of wearing a BB cream is to minimize my blemishes without having to use full-on foundation.




Above is my makeup-free face. I’m not dealing with much acne right now but there’s definitely quite a bit of sun damage and some hyper-pigmentation that I’d like to even out.



It does oxidize a tiny bit darker after 30 minutes or so, so I’m not looking quite as mime-like. Not by much though. I wish they made a darker shade, I’d be all over it.


And here it is with just one layer of the Klairs BB cream and a touch of blush (because otherwise it’s zombie mom face). It’s definitely a bit lighter than my neck, but if I took the BB cream slightly down my neck (or was more diligent with sunscreen…my bad), it wouldn’t be too bad.

The coverage is light, but it does blur out some of my sun spots and imperfections and evens out my skin tone while looking quite natural. It’s enough coverage for just running errands and shopping, though I’d probably want a little more coverage if I were going out to dinner or a party.

I’ve actually found a happy medium by mixing the Klairs BB cream with my Missha M Signature #27. This deepens the color the perfect amount, and increases the coverage while still allowing my skin to feel comfortable and breathe.

Longevity? Not great. By the end of the day, when wearing the Klairs BB cream alone, I find that it has mostly rubbed off. This could be ameliorated if you wore a good primer underneath or dusted with powder.



The concealer matches quite well and because the color is a little deeper, I can get away with just using the concealer on bare skin if I don’t feel like wearing makeup that day. But again, the concealer needs to be set with powder, or reapplied for longevity throughout the day.


Bottom Line

I like that the Klairs BB Cream has SPF40 PA++. It’s a nice extra layer of protection over my regular sunscreen. And although my skin has historically been prone to irritation when it comes to BB creams with SPF, I have not had any irritation with the Klairs BB cream. This makes it the perfect casual day makeup for someone who, like me, doesn’t like to wear a full face of makeup every day. It has light coverage that is perfect for evening out skin tone, but needs to be used in combination with concealer if you want to cover blemishes.


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