May 2016 Mini Reviews


May Mini Reviews: Ariul Cleansing Tissue, Nooni Root Energy Cleansing Water, Nooni Snowflake Cleanser, Elizavecca Eye Cream, D’Ran Aqua Wonder Serum

Time for another round of mini-reviews! I might make this a monthly thing. I like the mini-review format — it allows me to tell you guys about products I’ve used in the last month but haven’t necessarily found enough to say about them to warrant a full post. I don’t always have a whole essay to write about certain products and prefer to be concise, so you can know quickly whether you’d be interested in trying a product or not. So without further ado…


Ariul Cleansing Tissue

I bought a pack of these travel wipes to bring with me when camping in Yosemite over Memorial Day. They turned out really handy, because at night it was freakin’ COLD and I didn’t really want to wash my face with the freezing cold water in the public bathrooms. These cleansing wipes allowed me to do my skincare routine in the “comfort” of my tent, haha.

They worked fine for removing sunscreen and sweat/dirt. However, they are not oily, so I don’t think they’d be super effective for removing makeup without an extra cleansing step (such as a cleansing water) afterwards. They were not drying, which is a major plus.

Bottom line: I don’t think you can ask for much more in a makeup removing wipe, if you don’t want an oil-based one. 4/5

Buy it at: Memebox for $3


Nooni Root Energy Cleansing Water

Nooni is one of Memebox’s house brands. I was out of micellar water so ordered this as a quick first cleansing step on days I don’t wear heavy makeup. Unfortunately, this product was a dud for me. It kind of tingles and stings when I swipe it over my face. The second ingredient in this product is denatured alcohol. That’s a problem, because in high proportions, alcohol can be irritating and can damage the skin’s barrier, possibly leading to more skin problems down the road. I haven’t broken out yet, but I’m not planning to continue using this product to see what happens. It’s too bad; I was really hoping to love this cleansing water, as it has a good price point and a pretty bottle.

Bottom line: This cleansing water is irritating and has a lot of alcohol. I won’t be finishing the bottle. 1/5

Buy it at: Memebox for $13


Nooni Snowflake Cleanser

Although I didn’t like Nooni Cleansing Water, I am happy to report that the Nooni Snowflake balm cleanser was a win. It has a firm, almost hard consistency initially, like coconut oil, but once you start rubbing it over your skin it melts into an oil. It removes BB cream and sunscreen like a dream and rinses pretty clean. I feel like it gets my pores pretty clean when I massage my face with it. I haven’t tried it on my eyes because I use a dedicated eye makeup remover for that, but I’m liking it as a first-step cleanser in general. I don’t notice a scent; another plus.

Bottom line: Like it! Does what it’s supposed to do and is pleasant to use. 4/5

Buy it at: Memebox for $16


Elizavecca Gold CF-Nest White Bomb Eye Cream

This eye cream was sent to me by for review. I haven’t tried any Elizavecca products before now and I think I subconsciously dismissed their products because they’re so cute, and I have this bias that cute products aren’t effective. Interestingly, this eye cream has ingredients that are often targeted towards a more “mature” clientele — gold and bird’s nest.

I liked this eye cream a lot. It is very rich and emollient, almost buttery. And due to its thickness, it stays put under the eyes and doesn’t run or slide. It might be almost too rich if you’re younger or you have more oily skin, but for those who may be concerned about fine lines, dryness, and thinning of the skin, it is perfect.

Bottom line: I really enjoy this and I’ll be putting it in the regular rotation. 4/5

Buy it at: BB Cosmetic for $13.70 and get 10% off with code DDVRQ03UP0SG


D’Ran Aqua Wonder Serum

I got this serum in a Mishibox and was looking forward to using it as I’m always in need of hydrating serums to layer under my creams. The D’Ran Aqua Wonder serum is just ok, to me. It has a generic “aqua fresh” scent that is a little strong, though not bad enough to make me run away. The serum itself is kind of a medium weight consistency for a serum. It absorbs well and leaves my skin softer, moisturized, and slightly more elastic. Once it has absorbed there is little stickiness or residue. There are some good ingredients in there like beta-glucan and niacinamide, but I personally haven’t seen any amazing effects from it long-term.

Bottom line: It’s fine, but for $36, I might think twice about repurchasing this. 3/5

Buy it at: Mishibox for $35.99 (This appears to be a newer repackage and is larger at 45ml than the one I have)


That’s it for May, and dang, it’s already June 6th! I’ll be back soon with tips on how to transition to a summer routine for the hot months.


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  1. Yes, that Nooni Snowflake cleanser! I haven’t tried it, but it sounds similar to Clean It Zero (which I love) and I’m eyeing the stick version for travel. –Angela

    • I’m thinking about the stick version too! I’ve tried Clean It Zero and I like the Snowflake better! The Clean It Zero left my skin a little irritated whereas the Snowflake doesn’t.

    • It’s quite a bit richer than the Mizon snail (if that’s what you’re using, I haven’t tried the collagen). I like it a lot!

  2. I kind of want that cleanser just because it has ‘snowflake’ in its name. 😀 But what really caught my eye (ha!) is that Elizavecca eye cream! You mention that it doesn’t slide – did you try it underneath makeup? I’ve always got dry undereyes but most eye creams don’t work too well with concealer/foundation on top…

    • I have tried it with BB cream and it works fine, but it’s a pretty dewy BB cream (Klairs) to begin with. Also, I don’t have very dry undereyes so it would probably be less oily on you. If you’re interested, I could send you a small decant!

  3. I’ve always been curious about the Nooni Snowflake Cleanser (for whatever reason the “snowflake” part of the name really intrigues me), so I’m glad to hear that it works well!

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