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My gripe with Kbeauty companies for not providing more skin color ranges is well documented. In cushion foundations, in particular, it is very hard to find shades that are deeper than a light-medium. After trying various BB creams and cushions with limited success, I finally decided to spring for the Target edition of the Laneige BB cushion in Medium, which is available in the US.

In an ironic turn of events, my love for Asian beauty products, which in part stemmed from finding beauty role models who looked “like me” as an Asian woman, led to a futile search for an Asian BB cream that would suit my darker-toned skin. I ended up having to turn to the greater shade range offered by an Asian company’s cosmetic line targeted (pun intended) at US consumers in order to find one that would suit me. Well now, we’ve come full circle haven’t we?

This could turn into a deeper conversation in which I dredge up painful anecdotes related to my search for identity, or discuss the complex attitudes towards skin tone in Asian culture, but let’s instead turn to a lighter (pun intended) topic.




The Laneige BB cushion. Why did I wait so long to buy you?

I had been making it work with my long-beloved Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream, but while the Missha BB cream really gave me wonderful-looking skin, I missed the convenience and the lightness of a BB cushion, especially in the summer. I like to forgo base makeup most of the time when it’s hot out, but it’s nice to have the option to quickly pat on a BB cushion while on the go, if say, I end up meeting a friend or going out for dinner.

So I picked up the Laneige BB cushion at Target, and while they don’t have testers in the store, I estimated that my skin tone is a medium based on online reviews and swatches. I also got the chance to try out a tester that Target sent out several months ago and at the time figured out that I was between a light and a medium. I’ve gotten more tanned in the meantime, so the medium was a good bet. (They also offer a light-medium shade.)


Iope vs Laneige


For reference, my complexion is a bit darker than a #23 in most Korean cosmetic shades. I can pull off the Iope C23 BB cushion (same parent company as Laneige) in the winter, but it makes me look a little unnaturally pale in the summer. As you can see above, the Laneige medium is a tiny bit darker and maybe a bit more pink-toned than the Iope C23.

Alright, so here I am with bare skin on the left and with the Laneige BB cream on the right. Dare I say, it’s a perfect match? Hooray!



On the right this is with just the Laneige BB cushion in Medium and a bronze eyeliner (Secret Key Twinkle Waterproof Gel Liner, which is actually really nice).



The Laneige BB cream is quite dewy looking, a finish that is coveted by Kbeauty standards but may not be quite as desirable by US standards where looking “oily” isn’t exactly what people are going for (these beauty standards are changing though, in part because of the influence of Asian cosmetics). This just looks like your natural skin in my opinion. You can take the dewiness down with a light powder, of course, but that takes a bit away from the convenience of a BB cushion compact — always accessible, easy to reapply, easy to touch up on the go. I say, do the dew.

(Bonus points if your mind immediately went to random people falling backwards into suddenly materializing pools of Mountain Dew.)

Longevity-wise, the Laneige BB cushion does very well. I’ve worn it from morning to night on days that I’ve spent wrangling two extremely active kids under 4 in the blazing sun, throwing together a hastily-assembled dinner that consists mostly of microwaved frozen vegetables, bathing two fighting siblings, cleaning up sunflower seed butter that somehow got mashed into the carpet, crying because we watched Finding Dory which will give any parent all the feels, cuddling soft heads and kissing plump cheeks, settling down to binge-watch 30 Rock at wine-o-clock, and…wait, what was I talking about? Oh yes, the Laneige cushion. I still have coverage at the end of the day when many other BB creams and cushions would have melted off.

It does transfer a little if rubbed, and it’s not water-resistant (as I found out after Finding Dory), but in general I am very happy with how it wears. Plus, since it’s a cushion, it’s easy to touch up if needed.

It’s very easy to apply evenly and quickly, and with SPF 50 broad spectrum protection, it’s a nice little boost in sun protection as well, which is much needed in SoCal even when wearing sunscreen underneath!

In comparison to the Iope cushion? It feels a little lighter than the Iope C23 (which is the fuller coverage cushion) so is probably comparable to the Iope N23. The cushion case feels identical to the Iope, so for $10 cheaper, I’d say go for the Laneige, it doesn’t feel $10 cheaper at all (just a matter of marketing, I’d surmise).


Bottom Line

Love it. 5/5. Best cushion, best match. Will doubtless repurchase! I haven’t discarded my tube BB cream because I feel that the Missha M Signature BB cream is a little more transfer-proof, but I’ll be using the Laneige throughout the summer when I want feather-light coverage in a convenient package.


Buy it at

Target for $34.

I’ll leave you with a little FOTD. I’m not usually one to rock a bold red lip, but I was sent this lipstick to review and thought I’d at least get a photo with it on. I’m definitely considering it for date night. What do you think?




I purchased the Laneige BB cushion with my own money. I was not compensated for this post. There are no affiliate links in this post.


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13 thoughts on “Laneige BB Cushion (Medium, Target Edition)”

  1. Oh yay! This is my favorite cushion, specifically because the shade fits me so well!! They also have a light/medium now, which is convenient for winter months when I’m a little paler!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try the Laneige bb cushion. I actually had a chance to test it at Sephora. The issue I find with it is, because I’m already quite oily, the dewy finish, later on in the day makes my face look so much worse. With my oily skin and dewy finish added together, I just look… double oily- you know? I’m actually hoping the lipsticks will be released in North America soon. I’ve been dying to get my hands on one of their Serum Intense Lipsticks.

    1. Yes that would be awesome, I’d love to try their lipsticks as well. I do find the finish dewy, but I like it personally (I’m combination skin), it makes my skin feel a little more hydrated. I’ve tried less dewy cushions and my skin tends to feel tight and itchy at the end of the day.

  3. It looks lovely! I’m pretty interested in trying Laneige’s cushions out, but I’m hooked on Sulwhasoo’s and it’d have to be darn good to get me to change. It looks great on you! I love your red lipstick. Perhaps I’ll give this one a chance after I run low, it’s certainly a cheaper option.

    1. I’d be interested to know what the difference is between the two. I didn’t see a huge difference between Laneige’s version and Iope’s, so I wonder if Sulwhasoo’s would be drastically different since they’re by the same company?

  4. Love your FOTD, you’re definitely rocking the bold lip look. And the match is a great one. Seeing how long it lasted you, with the heat and kids, I’ve definitely put this on my purchase list. Currently have the Iope, but always open to try new cheaper brands.

    Sophie | MapleTreeBlog

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    1. Hi! I noticed target has stopped selling it just recently too! I believe they are planning to open standalone Laneige stores this month. I’d contact them over IG for clarification! Good luck!

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