A’pieu x Rilakkuma Collaboration Review

I’m not usually one to fall for super cutesy packaging. But when A’pieu (the younger sister company of Missha) came out with some adorable makeup products with super cute teddy bear Rilakkuma on them, I was sorely tempted. After all, makeup is supposed to be fun, and what’s more fun than having a cute San-X character on your eyeshadow palette and cushion blusher? I have to admit, I’m a sucker for cute Japanese character stationery, so when you put those cute characters on makeup products… just take all my money already.




I reached out to BB Cosmetic who graciously sent me an eyeshadow palette, a cushion blusher, and a jelly cleanser to try out and review. I have to say that BB Cosmetic has been very generous in sending out products I request, considering I’m a small-time blogger, and they don’t put any pressure on me to give positive reviews or even any kind of timeline on writing them. So do go over there and check out their product offerings — they have great prices, a lot of rarer limited collaborations, and free shipping worldwide (use my referral code DDVRQ03UP0SG to get 8% off until the end of August).

These adorable Rilakkuma items are very affordably priced, so it’s not too much of a hit to your wallet if you decide to splurge on the cuteness. And while the packaging is great, the products themselves are themselves pretty good too!




I was surprised at the quality of these items, but I guess I shouldn’t have been, since Korean products, even ones at the lower-end, have consistently surprised me with their quality.


A’pieu x Rilakkuma Eyeshadow Palette (#1)




This eyeshadow palette (#1) feels nice and sturdy with a high quality mirror, and it’s the perfect size to keep in your travel pouch or your daily makeup bag. The peachy terracotta shades are very wearable for daytime use, and can transition to a more dramatic look with the addition of a smoky eyeliner.




The pigmentation of the products is okay, however I see myself mostly using the matte coral shade (second from the left, it shows up much better on my eyes than it did on my arm, and I would imagine they show up much better on fairer skin, since the shades are quite similar to my skin color). The other shades are shimmery, which tends to be pretty popular in Korean makeup. I found that the shimmery shades didn’t last as well throughout the day, but the matte shade stayed put really well all day. Although these aren’t the most pigmented shadows, and it would be hard to achieve a smoky eye, they are extremely wearable and practical.

This eyeshadow palette is very natural looking and easy to apply for a beginner (like me! yay!). I love the size, convenience, and cuteness of the packaging. For about $11, I recommend it… treat yo’self!


A’pieu x Rilakkuma Air Fit Cushion Blusher (CR01)




This little cushion blusher won me over immediately with its cuteness (there’s even Rilakkumas on the cushion puff!), and quickly made me a convert to cushion blushers, because it was SO easy to apply and was so easy to blend out naturally. It applied lightly at first, but it’s ridiculously easy to build up to your desired intensity and looks like a natural flush.




Seriously, just look at how natural that is (it kinda looks like I slapped myself on the arm)! It lasted several hours on a hot day without needing any touchups. I will definitely be putting the cushion blusher into my daily makeup bag. This one is a winner, and for $8.26 each, you can stock up on all the shades!




Here’s a selfie (why are selfies so darn hard?) with the A’pieu x Rilakkuma eyeshadow palette and cushion blusher. As you can see the matte eyeshadow shows up much better on my eyelids than on my arm, probably because my arm skin is a little deeper-toned. I also used an eyeshadow primer on my lids which probably helped. I used a light touch with the cushion blusher and I think it looks pretty natural.


A’pieu x Rilakkuma Konjac Jelly Brightening Cleansing Foam

I’m a big fan of konjac both in my skincare and in my snacks (it’s used in jelly-like foods like konjac boba!), so I was excited to try out the A’pieu x Rilakkuma Konjac Jelly cleanser.




The first thing I did was pull out my pH testing strips and test the cleanser directly on it (without mixing with water). It came up between pH 7-8. I happen to be a member of the low-pH cleansing club, so I was a little wary about how it would fare on my skin. My skin is normal, but tends to become dehydrated easily, and foaming cleansers can easily strip too much moisture away.

This cleanser foamed up about a medium amount, and the foam felt really nice and slippery on my face. It felt like a gentle cleanser going on. After I rinsed it off, my skin felt a little tight, but that’s pretty normal for me and foaming cleansers in general. It didn’t feel anywhere near as drying as, say, the Laneige Multi Cleanser, which I immediately repurposed for brush cleansing.

I think that the A’pieu x Rilakkuma Konjac Jelly Foam would be fine for oily to normal (not dehydrated) skin types and probably younger skin than mine (I mean, let’s be honest here, I don’t think this line is aimed at 30+ women…but who cares, it’s cute). This does need to be used as a second cleanser, as it’s not strong enough to wash off makeup.


Bottom Line

I really liked the A’pieu x Rilakkuma eyeshadow palette and the cushion blusher, though I probably wouldn’t repurchase the jelly foaming cleanser. 2 out of 3 is pretty good! If you were to purchase just one of the three, I would highly recommend the cushion blusher!


Buy it at

BB Cosmetic carries the eyeshadow palette for $11.06, the air fit cushion blusher for $8.26, and the konjac jelly foaming cleanser for $7.13.

Get an additional 8% off until the end of August with my referral code DDVRQ03UP0SG .

Go get yourself some cuteness!


The products featured in this post were provided free for review by BB Cosmetic. All opinions are my own.


  1. Oh gosh the packaging is so cute and I’m glad that 2 of them worked out well. Gotta put them on my shopping list.

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