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BBCosmetic sent me a few new Yadah products to review, and the Yadah All Day BB Cushion will be the first in a series overview of their new offerings. Yadah is a brand that I’ve heard good things about, but haven’t had the opportunity to try for myself, so I was eager to give these a go.

I already know that I love the Yadah Sun Slush (I gave a quick review on Instagram) — it has quickly become one of my favorite sunscreens and I am definitely going to repurchase it. I’ve also been enjoying the Yadah Anti-T Bubble Cleanser and spot treatment. But this review will be a quickie focused on the Yadah BB Cushion.


yadah bb cushion


The Yadah All Day BB Cushion is currently on sale for $11.99 on BB Cosmetic (down from $23). I don’t know if the price will stay at $12 or if it will go back up to it’s MSRP of $23, but at the moment it is quite an inexpensive cushion (though keep in mind it doesn’t come with a refill). I like the bright pink design of the case; it’s fun and cute,and at this price it’s a great choice for someone who is just starting to explore BB cushions.

It only comes in one shade, #21 Light Beige, which is a little too light for my medium toned skin (typical of Kbeauty cushions unfortunately) but I believe would work well for people around NC15-20 in MAC shades.


yadah all day bb cushion


The construction of the Yadah BB cushion case itself feels very similar to the Tosowoong cushion case (I have my suspicions that many of these cushion cases are made by the same manufacturer), which is sturdy and light, but somehow feels cheaper than the Laneige or Iope cases (it IS less expensive, so that’s fine). According to the official marketing, the puff is a ruby-cell antibacterial puff, but it’s not blue like the Amorepacific brand ones, just white. It feels nice and soft and applies the makeup easily.

The BB cream is under the cushion and starts soaking through as you press the puff into it. It feels nice and juicy as you pick up the makeup.


yadah bb cushion



I found that the Yadah BB cushion applied evenly and even with a very thin layer, it covered remarkably well with medium coverage. It is less dewy than my Laneige cushion so is more suitable if you prefer a more matte, but still glowy, finish. Although this cushion was too light for me, I was able to make it work because of how natural the coverage was. It looked and felt like my skin. I had no itching or irritation while wearing it and it felt very comfortable and light. I wore it all afternoon and when I took it off in the evening, it was still going strong, so unless you have very oily skin, I do believe its claims of lasting all day are correct!

Unfortunately, the next day I had a few clogged pores on my nose and cheeks. This BB cushion sits really close to your skin and while that gives it a very natural skin-like finish, it also makes it more tenacious and requires thorough removal, in my opinion. I had simply wiped with a cleansing water and then followed up with a gentle foaming cleanser, but I suspect the Yadah All Day Cushion requires thorough removal with an oil cleanser.

To be fair, my skin does tend to be sensitive/reactive to makeup and it’s hard for me to find a BB cushion or cream that doesn’t break me out. So if you don’t tend to have issues with breakouts related to makeup, I’m sure this would be a fine product for you.

(I apologize that I don’t have pictures with it on, I somehow lost the photos I had taken. I’ll update this post when I take some more.)


Bottom Line

I recommend the Yadah BB cushion if your skin doesn’t tend to get clogged easily. It has a very natural, comfortable finish with surprisingly good coverage.


Buy it at

BB Cosmetic for $11.99 $18.48  Get an additional 8% off with my referral code DDVRQ03UP0SG .

Amazon for $20.98



This cushion was provided free for review by BB Cosmetic. All opinions are my own. 

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