Ladykin Vampir Dark Repair Cream Review

Ladykin Vampir Dark Repair Cream Review


Every winter I grow attached to one amazing night cream that works super well for my dehydrated skin, and this winter, it was the Ladykin Vampir Dark Repair Cream. I’ve heard buzz about this product for a couple years, but I never pulled the trigger until I found it on sale on Yesstyle a few months ago.

I’d heard great things about how this cream was wonderful for dry or dehydrated skin without feeling heavy or suffocating. Fast forward 2 months, and this is one of my favorite face creams ever.



Ladykin Vampir Dark Repair Cream – Packaging

First of all, it’s important to note how cute the packaging is. Because as superficial as it may be, a big part of the user experience comes from the packaging, so it had better give a good first impression. And how cute is the minimalist black jar with the two adorable vampire fangs? I guess it’s an indicator that this is a night cream? Or is meant for people who avoid the sun? Or is designed for cute little vampires to use? Or all of the above?




Water, Cyclomethicone, Hydrogenated Coconut Oil, Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Glyceryl Stearate, Cetyl Alcohol, Arbutin, Petrolatum Sodium Hyaluronate, Polysorbate 80, Sorbitan Stearate, Thrietanolamine, Micro Crystalline Wax, Dimethicone, Croton Lechleresin Extract, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Water, Centella Asiatica Extract, Carbomer, Butylene Glycol, Adenosine, Allantoin, Disodium EDTA


The Ladykin Vampir Dark Repair Cream is supposed to be a brightening cream that helps to lighten hyperpigmentation (it’s always a goal of mine to lighten those pesky sun spots). To that end, it includes arbutin, which is a natural antioxidant derived from the bearberry plant. Arbutin breaks down into hydroquinone, which is a compound that prevents melanin formation and is a common ingredient in skin-lightening products. Arbutin is much gentler and safer than straight up hydroquinone, however.

Interestingly, one of the top ingredients of this cream is hydrogenated coconut oil. Now, I know some people are sensitive to coconut oil, but I am apparently not one of them, and I love the buttery, silky feel this cream has. Despite feeling so buttery, there is no shea butter in this cream, which is awesome for people sensitive to shea butter or for people who just don’t particularly like it.


ladykin vampir dark repair cream review


First Impressions

As I’ve mentioned, the texture of the Ladykin Vampir Dark Repair Cream is both buttery and silky. It literally scoops out like softened butter (but less oily) and spreads out thinly and easily. I love how thinly you can spread it out and how silky it feels as you rub it into your skin.

My skin absorbs this SO quickly and readily. I can tell that there is a thin protective layer on my skin but it really does feel like most of it sinks in almost immediately into my skin. If my skin is feeling extra thirsty, I can apply an extra dollop of this cream and it just quenches my skin without feeling heavy or sticky.

The most noticeable drawback to this cream is the strong fragrance. It’s a fact mentioned in many of the reviews of the Ladykin Vampir Dark Repair Cream, and it’s true. It smells like the perfume counter of a department store, just a strong, floral scent. If you like perfumes you’d probably like it; it’s not unpleasant as fragrances go, just stronger than it needs to be. It’s unfortunate, because some people who would love this cream will be unable to use it as their skin/noses may be too sensitive.

Personally, I’ve grown used to the fragrance and I barely notice it anymore, but when I do happen to pay attention, I do wish it was less strong.



Some of the reviews of the Ladykin Vampir Dark Repair Cream state that it helped lighten or eliminate sun spots and discoloration. I did not notice this effect. In fact, I have come to terms with the knowledge that probably nothing can get rid of my hyperpigmentation except maybe lasers. Plus, I don’t depend on my creams to deliver hard-hitting active ingredients. All I want is for them to moisturize well.

And moisturize well it does. I like how even when I use more of this cream and really pile it on, it doesn’t feel heavy. But it’s still one of the richer creams I’ve tried, which makes it perfect for winter. It also mixes really well with facial oils in case you need even more richness.

Although I think this is meant to be a night cream, I’ve used it as a day cream successfully. It keeps my skin soft and supple all day without feeling greasy. In fact, it almost has a subtle mattifying effect when I first put it on, which I really like.


ladykin vampir dark repair cream

Bottom Line

If you need a rich cream that feels very moisturizing and buttery, but don’t like a heavy or sticky feeling, this is a great cream for you and I highly recommend it. That is, as long as you don’t mind the strong fragrance.


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  1. i hope this is a suitable cream for oily skin cuz i’m really wanting to try it now! thanks for the review.

  2. This is the first time I’ve heard of this brand, to be honest. I am tempted to give this one a try though, because of that cute packaging! I love the fangs! Great review, I love the photos!

    – Gretch of GG Memochou

    • This is the only product I’ve tried of theirs! The reviews were overwhelmingly positive, so I felt confident giving it a try =). Hope you like it if you try!

  3. It’s sad that this product doesn’t work on pigmentation but I still want to try it because I need a good moisturiser right now. Have you ever tried AHA before? For me, AHA (Alpha-h Liquid Gold) and Vitamin C work for my discoloration problems.

    • Yes, I use an AHA and retinol and I’m seeing some fading of pigmentation slowly, but I don’t think this particular product contributed to the brightening all that much!

    • Yes it makes a great winter moisturizer! Not sure how much I’ll like it in the summer when my face is a little more oily, so I’m trying to use it up in the next few months!

  4. Yes, I am definitely feeling that minimalist vampire packaging! How cute! Glad you had such a nice experience with this cream. I’m getting close to running out so I may have to try this one out.

    • It’s a really solid cream, and from what I hear people from dry to oily sides of the spectrum all like it! Hope you enjoy it if you try it =).

  5. This is such a brilliant review and I’ll keep this in mind. I am in my late 30s and I noticed that my skin needs richer creams these days. I love that this cream contains arbutin, I have a couple of pigmentation but nothing severe so this might help lightens them.

    Shireen | Reflection of Sanity

    • Thank you, you’re so kind =). I do like arbutin in theory a lot too, but since I use more aggressive exfoliation/brightening products (AHA and retinol), I’m not sure if I saw much effect from it. But if you don’t have too much pigmentation it might be just the thing!

  6. Those vampire fangs! <3 I love cute packaging as well, it really adds to the experience (plus I like my bathroom counter to look pretty). This sounds like a really nice cream, especially the way you've described the texture! I don't think I'll get around to buy it for this winter, but it's definitely going on my wishlist for next winter 🙂 Thank you for the lovely review!

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