Makeup Restaurant – Miwonderful’s Japanese Makeup Show + Song and Dance Extravaganza


A couple weeks ago I happened to pick up a copy of JPy Magazine on a newsstand outside one of my favorite Taiwanese cafes. I noticed an ad for what looked to be an interesting event — something called a “Makeup Restaurant” with Japanese makeup artist Miwonderful. The description looked fascinating — a makeup tutorial served in the format of a multi-course meal. Always one to try new and creative things, I reached out to the magazine to see if I could blog about it. Kana, JPy’s editor, graciously extended an invitation to me and my friend (@beautyjoylife).

(By the way, if you happen to see this LA-based magazine, take a look; it’s free and it’s full of Japanese trends and beauty.)



“Makeup Restaurant” Event with Makeup Artist MiWonderful

The Makeup Restaurant event was held at 1212 Santa Monica in a private party room. As soon as we walked in we were overwhelmed with how cute and glam everything was. The tables were laid out with the first “course” of makeup. We took our seats and admired everything. The attention to detail was amazing right down to the fake fruit and glitter!

Then, Miwonderful herself came out with her backup dancers and started doing a whole song and dance routine about makeup and happiness, and probably a lot of other things — I have no idea, it was mostly in Japanese, but I got the gist of it. It was super high energy with the dance music — I can only describe it as “hyper-kinetic”? Miwonderful was so incredibly cute with her chef’s outfit. It was so out of the ordinary for us, my friend and I looked at each other a couple times and were like, “What is happening right now?!” We were not prepared for this!



We weren’t used to that much cuteness and bouncy energy, especially combined with something like makeup, in the context of a restaurant. It was so crazy fun and creative though, I totally got into it. After the introductory dance, Miwonderful got down to the business of demonstrating how to use the makeup on the table.



The first course consisted of a 5 pack of Saborino masks and a tray full of base makeup. These Saborino masks are really interesting. They are supposed to be an all-in-one step of cleansing, masking, and moisturizing. They’re meant to be used in the morning, and you leave it on for a couple of minutes before using the mask to wipe your face. You don’t need to use cleanser.

I had come to the Makeup Restaurant with makeup on, so I put the mask on for a minute and then used it to wipe the makeup off. It actually worked quite well, though I don’t think it would be sufficient as a cleanser at night after a day of wearing makeup, and I would definitely follow up with a second cleanser. I liked how the masks came in a multi-use pack too, which reduces the need for so much packaging.




All of these cosmetic products at Makeup Restaurant were generously provided by BCL Cosmetics. Miwonderful was so cute as she was explaining how to use the products — she had this little high-pitched voice and she would go around and help individuals with their makeup application.

So first, we applied the base/primer (tube on the left in the photo above). Then the foundation (Skin Flat CC Gel) over it. I really liked the texture of the CC cream, it was very soft and light and non-sticky. Then we applied the powder over it. I don’t use face powder much myself — I prefer the dewy look which I think helps me to look younger. Powder tends to cling to my imperfections and emphasizes my fine lines, and I don’t need anything to dry out my skin more. But I did like how this powder incorporates SPF 29 protection so it could potentially be a way to top up on your sunscreen during the day.

The red syrup in the bottle was actually a cheek tint and I liked it a lot. It was very easy to blend out and looked quite natural. Once applied it didn’t feel sticky.



This was special guest FeeYong from Japan who is a beauty web TV personality. Her skin was friggin flawless.

Miwonderful pointed out that when you concentrate the color more on the apples of your cheeks, it looks more “cute”, whereas color on your cheekbones on the sides looks more “cool”. So it’s up to you whether you want to look cute or cool, haha.



After a brief intermission, our plates were cleared (we got to put all the goodies into a gift bag they gave us) and we were served the “second course”, which was mysteriously and excitingly gift-wrapped. After another song and dance routine (I was amazed at how much energy Miwonderful had, I would have been exhausted after the first one. She must be in shape!), we were allowed to open up the package.



There were gasps of delight as the contents was revealed (ok, my friend and I may have been the only ones gasping in delight, but we were pretty excited about the loot at this point). From left to right, this plate included a brush liner, a two-sided creamy eyeshadow sponge with a gel auto pencil liner on the other end, a brown brow pencil with a light brown brow tint which was really interesting, and a mascara.

I was a bit occupied at this point with putting my eye makeup on so I took more detailed shots of these later.



The eyeshadow stick was interesting. It’s a sponge on a spring, and the cream eyeshadow is in the cap. When you put the cap on the stick, the sponge depresses and picks up the shadow. Quite ingenious actually. It was a light champagne color with glitter, so definitely subtle.



The brow color was interesting too. It’s a light latte color that actually colors your eyebrows a light brown. I thought this looked a little odd on me but apparently it’s quite trendy in Japan.



Finally after another fun song and dance number, the “dessert course” was served in these sweet trays. We were instructed to choose two lip products and create a “parfait” in our wine glasses. How cute is that?



The black tube is a lip balm tint that reminds me a lot of Skinfood’s Tomato Jelly Tint. It delivers a sheer wash of color while moisturizing the lips and I really liked it. The color came out pretty vibrant for a balm, and it was so easy to apply due to the sheerness, I can totally see myself using this everyday.

The pink lip gloss was a pretty standard pink lip gloss — it’s a bit glossy for my personal preference but it also had a nice vibrant color.




So after her final dance number, Miwonderful wrapped up the Makeup Restaurant show. It was pretty much a one-woman show, albeit supported by all sorts of wonderful people. MiWonderful was clearly the star of the event and it was really kind of touching to see how she genuinely wanted to use makeup to make people feel more confident and happy. I loved how the makeup event wasn’t at all intimidating and it actually felt refreshing how the makeup was more focused on cute and happy rather than sexy (nothing wrong with that, but not all of us can pull off sexy all the time lol). The makeup look was also a simple one that could easily be reproduced everyday, which made it really useful.


Oh and that wasn’t all. In addition to all the swag we’d already gotten, there was also a table full of goodies:



I picked up a shampoo/conditioner duo from Hoyu Professional and I’m looking forward to reviewing them as I’ve never heard of this brand before. Loving the design of the shampoo bottle though!



Overall, Miwonderful’s Makeup Restaurant was one of the most entertaining events I’ve been to in a while. It also kind of felt like a cultural event, because while makeup is universally loved (IMO), the event itself was so distinctly Japanese, I really felt like I was in Japan, and the products felt really unique as well. If you had gone into this event hoping to learn how to do a smoky eye, you would have been disappointed, but it was really more about having fun in an energetic, safe, and encouraging environment.

I’m definitely interested in testing out all the products provided by BCL Cosmetics and in exploring what other makeup and skincare products they have to offer. This bag ‘o’ goodies will not go to waste!



If you get a chance to check out Miwonderful’s Instagram page, it’s super fun! She’s been hanging out in LA giving makeovers to random people on the streets, which I totally love.

I would absolutely go to an event like this again and I wish they were more common Stateside. What do you think? Would you attend a makeup restaurant song and dance extravaganza?


  1. Wow this sounds like such a fun event, and I love that they presented all the products like food! I would totally attend something like this, it seems very fun and not pushy at all (I’ve been to wayyy too many Mary Kay “pampering” events that are just a cover for them to sell their products). Hopefully they do more events like this in the US!

    • It was so fun, wish you could have come with us! It was not pushy at all, in fact they didn’t even sell the products at the show, they were all free :). I would absolutely go again!

  2. What a fun, cool, and just kawaii event. I would love to attend one with my sisters. Thanks for the thorough review. Hoping she will have one in S.F.

  3. Finally got around to read this after seeing it on your stories and this is soooo cool! Like, it isn’t my style AT ALL, I tend to avoid all things “too cute”, but this looks, like you said, such a fun and safe way to have fun doing something different.
    I really like those kind of sponge applicators with eyeshadow! I have one from ArtDeco and use it when I don’t feel like applying eyeshadow but still don’t want “nude” eyelids. It’s a fast way to add a little bit of color to the eyes ^^

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