My 5 Favorite Cheap Sheet Masks


I never used to be a big sheet mask fan because I don’t like drippy things, and also, I’m extremely impatient. But I’ve since seen the light. When I’m using a sheet mask regularly, like every few nights or even everyday, I notice a definite improvement in my skin’s elasticity, hydration, and softness.

The only problem is, this daily sheet masking habit can get a tad expensive. I can’t afford to be putting a $6 or $7 Dr. Jart+ mask on my face every night, as much as I love Dr. Jart+. So over the last few years, I’ve amassed a collection of inexpensive, but reliably hydrating sheet masks. These are the masks I reach for as part of my regular skincare routine, and I’m able to save the really special masks for when I need to pull out the big guns. I’m talking masks that cost you between $1 to $2 a mask, which is much more practical for frequent sheet masking.


My 5 Favorite Cheap Sheet Masks


My Beauty Diary


my beauty diary masks


Taiwanese My Beauty Diary masks were some of my first Asian skincare purchases. These are pretty cheap sheet masks and very accessible to me locally because my local 99 Ranch Market (a Chinese grocery store) carries them cheaper than I can find them online. They also have pretty much reliably good reviews, especially the black pearl variety. These are pretty standard masks, with a soft cotton sheet that’s not too thin and not too thick, and usually a medium essence that is also, not too thin and not too thick. These are crowd-pleaser sheet masks. Each “flavor” has its fans, and they also come in variety packs, which are fun gifts (for yourself and others) when you can find them. Oh and you can also occasionally find boxes of these at TJ Maxx!


My Beauty Diary Black Pearl Sheet Masks* (8 Pcs) – $12.64 for 8, Fulfilled by Amazon

My Beauty Diary Variety Pack* (10 Pcs) – $16.98 for 10, Fulfilled by Amazon (but if you can find them in your local Asian grocery store, they’re often cheaper!)


Innisfree It’s Real Masks


innisfree sheet masks


Innisfree’s masks were also among my first sheet masks (I did pretty well for a newbie, thanks to all the lovely people in the Asian beauty community). These cheap sheet masks have a pretty thin cotton sheet that clings well to the face, and generally a clear light essence inside that is moisturizing but not overly rich. While Innisfree claims to be a more “natural” brand, you will find ethanol in some of their masks, which can be irritating to some people but also helps the mask essence to absorb (if you have resilient skin). I personally liked the Rose and Kiwi flavors a lot, while the Green Tea flavor had a little too much alcohol for me. These masks also have a lovely fragrance that I enjoyed (but beware if you’re particularly sensitive to fragrance).

You’ll notice that the basic masks I reach for frequently often have a medium essence that is hydrating but not overly rich. I find that these masks slot much more easily into my routine – they fit right between my serum and cream steps without making everything too rich and oily.


Innisfree It’s Real Masks Variety Pack* (15 Pc) – $15.99 for 15, Fulfilled by Amazon (what a deal! I think I’ll order more!)


My Scheming Masks


my scheming sheet masks


Taiwanese masks seem to be doing really well on the cost-to-benefit scale based on how this list is going! My Scheming sheet masks, another Taiwanese brand, are interesting in that they use a silk mask sheet instead of a cotton one. This makes the mask sheet extremely thin, clingy, and light, like a second skin, which feels WONDERFUL. Each flavor is different, but I’ve enjoyed the snail and rose ones a lot (I’m a sucker for rose beauty products).

The eye holes in these sheet masks are quite small, which is great if you want your eye area to absorb all that moisturizing goodness, but maybe not so good if your eyes aren’t a good fit. You can always cut them bigger though!

My Scheming masks are usually very inexpensive if you can find them in an Asian grocery store (I’m talking like $8 a box when they’re on sale), but even online they’re reasonable.


My Scheming Snail Sheet Masks* (10 Pc) – $17.99 for 10, Fulfilled by Amazon


Etude House 0.2mm Masks


etude house masks


Etude House isn’t really one of my go-to brands for skincare. This inexpensive “road shop” brand is kind of the Forever21 of Korean beauty brands — their products are super cute and inexpensive — let’s just say it’s not my first stop for anti-aging care. But I am intimately acquainted with their 0.2mm Therapy Air sheet masks, because once upon a time, I purchased 150 of them. Granted, they weren’t all for myself (really!). But also, the Etude House global website was having a crazy introductory offer on these masks where they were super on sale and also there was a free shipping code, and long story short, 150 masks cost me $40 shipped.

For how inexpensive they can be, the Etude House 0.2mm masks are legit. They have a thin cotton sheet that is almost as comfortable as a silk mask, and each “flavor” is very unique and has its own properties. I love the ceramide and snail, which both have a milky essence (rare in a sheet mask) as well as the refreshing tea tree and lotus, and the strawberry smells divine. These cheap sheet masks aren’t going to wow your socks off, but they’re solid daily or almost daily sheet masks.


Etude House 0.2mm Air Therapy Mask Variety Pack* (15 Pc) – 16.48 for 15, Fulfilled by Amazon

They are currently slightly more expensive on the Etude House site ($39 for 30), but if you wait for a sale you can get them for under $1 each occasionally.


Naruko Sheet Masks


naruko sheet masks


Last but not least, a roundup of the best cheap masks wouldn’t be complete without one of my favorite brands, Taiwanese skincare brand Naruko. Now, the list prices for these masks on the official Naruko website can be misleadingly high, but they are pretty much permanently on sale or on a BOGO offer, which means they end up being under $2 a mask. The Naruko masks (detailed review here) can differ quite widely in how they feel on the skin. For instance, the Tea Tree mask is not particularly moisturizing, but the watery essence is very calming and helps to stop blemishes in their tracks. On the other hand, the Narcissus masks are some of my favorite moisturizing masks that both hydrate and seal the moisture in with a little more richness. The snail masks are favorites in the beauty community for their slippery slimey snailiness.

Naruko Narcissus Masks (Box of 10) – $27.99 per box, currently on BOGO Free offer.

Naruko Tea Tree Shine Control and Blemish Clear Masks (Box of 8) – $26.99 per box, currently BOGO Free.

Naruko Snail Essence Masks (Box of 10) – $22.99 per box, BOGO Free


I hope this list of my favorite cheap sheet masks helps those of you who are first starting to use sheet masks. These sheet mask brands offer good quality for the money and are good choices for frequent, though basic, masking.

Have you tried any of these sheet mask brands? What are your favorites?


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12 thoughts on “My 5 Favorite Cheap Sheet Masks”

  1. I’ll always have a soft spot for Taiwanese masks because they’re the first ones I started using, and the value for the price is excellent! I try to stock up whenever I go back to Taiwan because they’ll have BOGO deals, making each mask about 50 cents 😛 Etude House masks are ridiculously affordable when they’re on sale too, I think I got a box of 100 I need You masks for $40, but I’m not a fan of their thick material. The 0.2mm sounds much more comfortable though!

    1. The 0.2mm masks were surprisingly good. They are really thin and soft and well saturated. You should give them a try! I’m down to my last few or I would totally send you some ;).

    1. They’re not essential — I think it’s better to have a really good routine that you do every night — but they are amazing for when your skin is extra dehydrated for a quick boost!

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