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I was excited to get an opportunity to review the Yesstyle Sweet Spring Makeup Kit. As you might remember if you’ve been following my blog for a while, I reviewed the last Yesstyle beauty box, the Skincare Essentials Box, a couple months ago. While the Skincare Essentials box wasn’t my favorite when it came to the choice of products (they tended to be geared more towards younger skin, I thought), I am much happier with the curation of the Sweet Spring Makeup Box!

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Also, I want to give full credit for being very receptive to the criticisms I had of their last box! I love retailers who listen to feedback from bloggers and customers, so it was really nice to hear, and to have the opportunity to review a box again. I frequently order from Yesstyle myself, as they carry many lesser-known items for great prices. You just have to comparison shop a bit and keep an eye out for the good deals.

One thing I loved about the Yesstyle Sweet Spring Makeup Kit* is that it contains a complete set of products to do a full face of makeup, if you wish! That makes it a really perfect gift for someone who’s interested in KBeauty and makeup.


The Yesstyle Sweet Spring Makeup Kit

  1. RiRe – Luxe Dual Stick #2 Shadow + Blusher | Full Size
  2. RiRe – Lip Manicure Rouge Highfix | Full Size
  3. heimish – All Clean Balm (5ml) | Deluxe Sample (Full Size)
  4. Thank you Farmer – Sun Project Sun Essence + Be Beautiful BB Cream & CC Cream Trial Set (3 pieces) | Deluxe Sample (Full Size: Sun Essence / BB Cream / CC Cream)
  5. Etude House – Pink Vital Water Trial Kit (Facial Toner + Serum + Emulsion)(3 pieces) | Deluxe Sample (Full Size: Toner / Serum / Emulsion)
  6. A’PIEU – My Little Mascara (High Curling) | Full Size
  7. Berrisom – Oops Dual Contouring (No.01 Highlighter & Shading) | Full Size
  8. MCC – Accent Waterproof Eyeliner (#1 Accent Black) | Full Size
  9. COSRX – Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser | Deluxe Sample Full Size

I’ll go through and give you my thoughts on each product included in the Yesstyle Sweet Spring Makeup Kit.


RiRe Lip Manicure Highfix


Rire Lip Manicure Rouge Highfix

This is quite a nice matte liquid lipstick considering RiRe is a pretty inexpensive brand. The quality is pretty good; it’s not any more drying than other matte liquid lipsticks I’ve tried, and it’s very pigmented. The brick red isn’t a color I’d personally choose for myself, but it does look nice, and I can see myself wearing this for date night.



Berrisom Oops Dual Contouring

I had high hopes for the Berrisom cream coutouring set, but I did not love the highlighter end as it was very thick and white. I definitely have better highlighters so I doubt I’ll be reaching for this end. However I did think the contour shade was nice, as it was less orangey on my skin than a lot of bronzers or contour shades are, and is more of a neutral brown. I’m not a big contour girl though so I don’t see myself using this product much.



MCC Accent Waterproof Eyeliner

I honestly did not like this eyeliner at all. It was on the dry side and refused to draw a clean line. At least my sensitive eyes did not react to it. This was my least favorite product in the box. I’ve heard other reviewers say good things about it though, so maybe others have had better results.


RiRe Luxe Dual Stick


RiRe Luxe Dual Stick

This was my favorite product in the box. It’s a cream color stick that can be used as blush, eyeshadow, and/or lipcolor. I think the shades (a peach and pink) are very versatile and the product was very creamy and blendable. Definitely a good choice for an on-the-go makeup pouch.


Apieu my little mascara


A’pieu My Little Mascara High Curling

The name of this product is the perfect description. It’s a cute little mascara that actually managed to make my stubborn straight lashes curl up a bit. The formula was lovely, non-clumpy and creamy. This will definitely make it into my makeup bag!


heimish all clean balm


heimish All Clean Balm

A deluxe sample. I’m fiercely loyal to my oil cleansers instead of balms myself, but this cleansing balm gets really good reviews. I’ve tried another deluxe sample and it does a good job of removing makeup, though it doesn’t rinse as easily as I’d like.


thank you farmer


Thank You Farmer Sun Essence, BB Cream, and CC Cream Samples

I haven’t gotten the chance to try these yet, but I’ve been curious about all three, so I’m excited to try them out.


etude house pink vital water


Etude House Pink Vital Water Samples

Again, I haven’t tried these yet but the Etude House Pink Vital Water line does get very good reviews, so I’m looking forward to trying them at some point.


The Bottom Line

Overall, I think the Yesstyle Sweet Spring Makeup Kit*┬áis a well-curated selection of makeup items which you could use as a complete makeup kit in a pinch. The only real dud for me was the eyeliner, but others might be able to make it work better for them. This Yesstyle beauty box retails for $33.88 on It’s not an AMAZING deal in terms of price, but it is a really nice gift that comes with some samples and a lovely gift box. So treat yo’self or someone else!


Have you tried any KBeauty makeup from these brands? What do you think of this box?



  1. I received it too and it is definitely much better than the previous box. The Rire Lip Manicure is so beautiful and I cannot wait to try the Heimish Balm that everyone is using and loving.


    • So glad you enjoyed this box too! Agreed, it is much better than the last box, and there are definitely items I’m going to incorporate into my regular makeup rotation!

  2. I think this box is way better than the previous one that I saw which let’s be honest, an absolute crap. I am tempted to try the Heimish balm, that’s the only thing that really interest me from this box.

    • It is very nice. I’m partial to oil cleansers myself because I’m LAZY and can’t be bothered to scoop out a balm cleanser haha, but it is a good one!

  3. I love that they included everything you needed for a makeup look, even a balm cleanser to remove it afterwards! The thing with boxes, and why I’m always a little wary of them, is that you never know what products you’ll end up with. It’s great that they’re very receptive to feedback though, so at least we know their boxes will only get better as time goes on. Thank you for sharing!

    • Yes I know what you mean! I rarely buy boxes anymore because I end up only like one or two items in the box. But this one was pretty nice and I think it would make a good gift for someone new to kbeauty!

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