Holiday Beauty Gifts Part 1: Whole Body Care

I cannot believe it’s already mid-November! The last few weeks have passed in a whirlwind and suddenly it’s time to start thinking of end-of-year celebrations. I’ll be honest, Christmas and the winter holidays are my favorite time of the year. I’m not really the type to get really into seasonal holidays — I don’t like the clutter of seasonal decorations in my house — but I make an exception for Christmas and totally go all out. Wreaths, candles, pinecones, garlands, stockings, you name it!

One of my favorite parts of the holidays is the gift giving. I like thinking about what someone would like and hopefully seeing a look of pleasure and surprise on their face when they open the gift. So I’ve decided this year to make a series of Holiday Beauty Gifts posts so you can hopefully find something for that hard-to-shop-for loved one and make them feel just a little extra special.


This set from Moonlit Skincare made me feel so pampered!


Today’s Holiday Beauty Gifts post is entitled “Whole Body Care“. I’m going to go deeper into some detailed skincare gifts posts in the next few weeks, but I recognize that sometimes, gifting skincare is difficult because it’s so personal. So these are gifts designed for someone who could use some pampering — lovely aromatherapy oils, light fragrances, body care, etc… But are not quite as personal as a skincare routine.

Also, I know that many of us will be diligent about our facial skincare, but not so much our body care. We need to be better about that! Our body has skin too =).

All of these products are ones that have impressed me with something unique or exceptional about them that sets them apart, amongst a SEA of beauty products, and I would unreservedly recommend them as a gift.

* Note: products with an asterisk (*) were received free for an honest review.


Holiday Beauty Gifts: Whole Body Care


Moonlit Skincare: Midnight Shift Facial Oil and Cloud 9 Silk Pillowcase*

A good night’s rest is priceless, and Moonlit Skincare makes it their mission to help you sleep. They sent me their Midnight Shift overnight facial oil, their Cloud 9 Silk Pillowcase, and a silk eye mask, to try out. The box also came with a set of tips on how to have good “sleep hygiene” to set yourself up for a good night’s sleep. And even though the facial oil is technically facial skincare, I’m including the set in this post because Moonlit Skincare is really about whole body care.

I’ve struggled with insomnia, and while I think that personally it had a lot to do with hormones and other physiological factors, it definitely helped me a lot to have a calming beauty ritual at night to calm me down and get me ready for rest. The lavender oil blend in Moonlit Skincare’s facial oil features the aromatherapy benefits of lavender to help induce sleep, but also the ritual of patting it on and moisturizing your skin at night helps keep you grounded and present, which can help you relax for sleep.

The silk pillowcase feels SO incredibly soft and smooth. I didn’t know how I would feel about sleeping on silk; turns out I love it and I don’t know if I can go back now lol! A silk pillowcase is supposed to help reduce skin creasing and friction/irritation while you sleep and help smooth your hair as well. This would make a lovely luxurious gift for women AND men.

The silk pillowcase retails for $49, the silk eye mask for $15, and the facial oil for $34. I highly recommend them all — they would make a lovely gift set together or on their own.

Buy it at: Moonlit Skincare


malie organics hibiscus

Malie Organics Hibiscus Body Care Line*

I reviewed a variety of products from Hawaiian spa brand Malie Organics on this blog a few weeks ago and shared how much they impressed me. I continue to use them consistently and they are still among my favorite natural scented aromatherapy brands. Their natural hydrosols and oils smell so fresh, like real flowers. They recently repackaged their Hibiscus line and this would be the perfect gift for a scent/aromatherapy lover.

The Hibiscus line has a fresh, clean, floral scent featuring hibiscus and ylang-ylang that dries down to a white musk. I find it very refreshing and simple (I’m not a fan of an overly busy floral) and smells like it would work well for a low-key, unfussy person.

I especially enjoyed Malie Organics’ body polish (retails for $29), which is both invigorating and very highly moisturizing. Combined with the body gloss ($25), this would make such a decadent treat. In addition to the hibiscus line, which I like a lot, I also love the scent of the Pikake (Hawaiian jasmine) line.


Olive + M Body Oil*

I had a bout of eczema as the weather changed from summer to winter and the Olive + M Body Oil was the only body moisturizer that didn’t make my eczema sting and burn. I use this olive-based body oil every night before bed and after every shower to keep my skin moisturized and supple. The body oil immediately calms itchiness and irritation and leaves my skin calm and soothed — I imagine that not only the olive but some of the other anti-inflammatory oils in this blend are helping with that. It sinks in quickly, doesn’t feel sticky, and has a very light citrus-herb fragrance that isn’t overpowering when I’m going to sleep. I find it more effective than even the most emollient skin cream, but it doesn’t feel heavy or greasy.

Yes it’s a bit pricey at $58 for a body moisturizer, but a little goes a long way and the 118ml lasts a long time. To me, it’s definitely worth it for my sensitive and very dry body skin.

Buy It At: Olive + M


Matcha Obsessed: Matcha Mask and Coffee Scrub*

I found the Matcha Obsessed Matcha Powder Mask about a year ago and chatted with the founder/owner Nikki several times about the challenges of starting a small business. She has since launched another product, a coffee scrub, and seriously, I’m so impressed. I love supporting women who hustle, and it helps when the products are SO good too.

The matcha powder mask combines green tea powder, coconut milk powder, and clay powder. You can mix it with water or toner, or make up a concoction of your own. I love the versatility of this — it’s perfect for someone who has a good sense of fun and experimentation. Also, the mask is so fluffy and refreshing on the skin, and surprisingly moisturizing considering it has clay in it. Also it smells just like a matcha smoothie. Just sayin’.

The coffee scrub likewise smells heavenly. I’ve found in the past that coffee scrubs can feel a little astringent to the skin, but this one is very moisturizing and nourishing with all the emollient oils and shea butter in there.

The Matcha Coconut Clay Mask retails for $26 and the Coffee Scrub $38.

Buy it at: Matcha Obsessed


harper and ari sugar cubes

Harper + Ari Sugar Cubes*

If you’ve ever wished that your sugar scrub was a little less messy and easier to portion out of the tub, the Harper + Ari Sugar Cubes will be right up your alley. These soft, scrubby cubes are a cross between a marshmallow and a sugar cube. One cube is perfectly proportioned to scrub your entire body during your bath, mess free. You can squish them down as you gently scrub them over your skin, and they create a gentle milky lather as they exfoliate your skin.

While I don’t find them quite as moisturizing as traditional sugar scrubs that often include quite a bit of oil and plant butters in them, I use them as a combined body wash + scrub because the gentle lather they create means I can skip my soap or body wash. Plus they’re just fun to squish.

The Harper + Ari Sugar Cubes are the perfect gift for someone who loves to take a little “me” time and enjoys fun new products for the bath. Retails for $22.

Buy it at: Harper + Ari, Dermstore


Well, those are my my whole body care picks for holiday beauty gifts. I do think that these products are excellent for pretty much anyone, from your sister to your MIL, not just beauty aficionados. I would personally be super excited to open one of these gifts! And while you’re at it, pick something up for yourself too! Your body works hard all year, it deserves to be spoiled a bit!

What’s your favorite body care product?


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    1. Yes! I have actually used almost all of the body care products I’ve received over the years (at least, the nice ones, not the 99 cent store ones….)!

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