DIY Lip Balm – So Crazy Easy!


Several weeks ago I posted about my DIY lip balm on my Instastories and a few of you commented with questions, so I decided to make it again and make the instructions more clear. Don’t worry, I’m not turning Gracefulface into a DIY blog, this was just a fun little side project that is VERY easy and anyone can do it. I archived the full Instagram Story in my profile (only viewable on mobile) under the highlights, so if you want to see exactly what I did to make this batch through pictures and video, please go check it out!

These balms are wonderfully emollient, all-natural, and not to toot my own horn, but I really think they’re superior to what you can buy at the drugstore.  One recipe makes 12 tubes, and with the size of the raw materials, you can make a LOT, so it’s very economical too. These make great gifts and people are always really interested in hearing about what’s in them.

I used a Bite Beauty lipstick (a new unused one for hygienic purposes) to lightly color the lip balm but you don’t have to color it at all. If you want to add your own colors, you’ll need to buy specific pigments for this that are oil-soluble, so using a lipstick is much easier. I used a half-pea size amount and it gives a pretty tint to the lip balm in the tube, but not enough that it shows up on the lips.

There’s no water in this recipe, so these lip balms should be self stable, but you probably shouldn’t  keep these lip balms longer than about a year, or the oils in them may go rancid. Check what the expiration dates are on the raw butters and oils you used, and don’t use the lip balm any longer than the shortest expiration date.


What You Need

I’m linking to the exact products I ended up using. This is just a fun hobby for me, so I didn’t buy huge sizes – just what I could find that was reasonably priced on Amazon.

For the essential oils, I just bought what was accessible and inexpensive, but some people will tell you that you should only go through organic and extremely reputable essential oil brands for anything that could potentially end up in your mouth. While I haven’t purchased through them, Rose Mountain Herbs has a good reputation and reasonable prices.



Note: Below, these are affiliate links to Amazon, which means I get a small commission if you buy through these links, at no additional cost to you.

 I ended up buying a lot of NOW products just because they were affordable and accessible (NOW didn’t sponsor any of them).
Apricot oil is a lighter oil that absorbs into and softens the skin (I also LOVE a few drops of the pure apricot kernel oil on the ends of my hair). I liked this property but I also added the avocado oil, which is richer, for its protective qualities.

DIY Lip Balm Instructions


Place a skillet filled halfway with water over low to medium heat and allow to warm up. You never want the water to boil so if it looks like it’s close to boiling turn down the heat. Place a heat-proof glass measuring cup in the water.
  1. Add all the ingredients except lipstick and essential oils into the glass measuring cup. Stir until melted.
  2. Add the tiny piece of lipstick and stir until melted. Turn off heat.
  3. Add essential oils and stir gently to combine. I used 6-7 drops of each for a light tingly feeling from the peppermint and a light scent.
  4. Pour into lip balm tubes (I used a baby Tylenol syringe to do this). Work quickly because due to the beeswax, it solidifies quickly. (Don’t worry you can melt it again over gentle heat if needed).
  5. Wait until it hardens. Tadaa! So dang easy!


Once it solidifies, you can smooth out the top of the lip balm, which might be a bit bumpy, by running the back of a knife over the top of the tube. But if you don’t need it to be perfect looking, it works fine as-is!

This makes a firm but still creamy DIY lip balm. I’m planning to experiment with some different ratios and different oils and butters next. I’d like to try mango butter and using more plant butter and slightly less beeswax. You can also substitute other moisturizing (food safe) oils for the apricot and avocado oils, like olive, coconut, and others. For the essential oil portion, you can try other food safe essential oils, but avoid citrus oils as they are photosensitizing.
Are you thinking of trying this DIY lip balm? It’s pretty simple and fun. Do drop me a line and let me know if you tried it!
Disclaimer: Please keep in mind this DIY lip balm recipe is a DIY! Use at your own risk. I’m not a chemist, just a hobbyist, so if in doubt please do your own research.
There are affiliate links on this post, and purchasing through an affiliate link may generate a small commission that helps support this blog, at no extra cost to you the reader.

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  1. I like DIY tutorials and I saw this tutorial on your Instagram 🙂 I need to try it one day, I’m sure that this lip balm recipe is better than the product which I can buy in local drugstore 🙂

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