Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts 2018

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It’s that time of year again! Time to pamper and spoil the lady who gave you life…and hopefully if you’re a mom, be pampered and spoiled in return. I’ll be honest, sometimes, the best way to ensure you get the gift you want is to shop for yourself (I then give my gift to my husband to wrap haha). Or you could not-so-subtly send your family a link to this page…

This year, I tried to choose a variety of Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts for moms of all ages. These are all products I’ve used and loved in a variety of price points from $38 to around $100.

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links — I’ll get a small commission if you purchase through them but you won’t pay a penny more than you would otherwise.

Some products on this page were provided free for review — they will be marked with an asterisk (*). All reviews are my honest opinion.


Mother’s Day Beauty Gifts 2018!


1. Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum*

The Sulwhasoo First Care Activating Serum was the first product I thought of as a perfect Mother’s Day beauty gift for moms of all ages. This luscious herbal serum absorbs quickly into the skin, boosting its hydration and radiance. It’s not a super intense anti-aging product, but does have some great antioxidants in it, so it would be a gentle but effective serum for both young moms and more mature moms. It’s also incredibly luxurious-feeling, from the sturdy bottle to the caramel-colored serum itself, and isn’t something your mom would probably buy for herself. Sulwhasoo is known as a prestige brand, so you’ll definitely rack up brownie points with this gift!

Buy it at: Sulwhasoo US $84 (Receive a 5ML VINTAGE SINGLE EXTRACT ESSENCE on every $100+ purchase. Use Code: CAMILLA)

or Nordstrom $84


2. URANG Oil Serum Trio*

The URANG Oil Serum Trio are some of the loveliest oils I’ve tried. They are absolutely top quality, carefully formulated facial oils that feel light on the skin but pack an intense moisturizing punch. I reviewed the three URANG oils on the blog here. They also smell divine, so it’s the perfect aromatherapy-meets-skincare gift. My mother-in-law has loved facial oils that I’ve given her in the past and I love using them as well personally, so you see facial oils really work for all ages!

Buy it at: OHLOLLY $99 for all three oils in 15ml sizes (use my referral link for 10% off your first order)

You can also buy the serums separately for $59 for the large 30ml size. I would highly suggest the URANG Blue Oil as a gift — it is so striking and beautiful!



3. Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair*

This is such a classic serum it really needs no introduction. Introduced in 1982, this 36-year old serum has enjoyed consistent popularity and has even today been making a comeback on social media as a new generation of moms falls in love with it! This lovely plush serum features bifida ferment lysate, a fermented probiotic extract that smooths, calms, and brightens skin for that coveted glowing skin. I personally love it and it would make a great gift for really anyone. It’s very hydrating and plumping, and absorbs completely without feeling sticky, so it’s great for all skin types.

I wrote a little spotlight for the Estee Lauder serum on Forbes Finds if you want to read more about it!

Buy it at: Sephora $68 for 30ml or get it in an Estee Lauder Gift Set $98

4. Belif Moisturizing Bomb and Eye Bomb*

I’ve made no secret of the fact that Belif is one of my favorite KBeauty brands (Belif review here). Their products are just consistently well-formulated, and the Belif Moisturizing Bomb is one of my all-time favorites from this line. I purchased it myself (although Belif also kindly sent me a PR sample) and it’s excellent for combination to dry skin types. It’s a very moisturizing cream that doesn’t feel thick or greasy. If I want more moisture I just add a drop of facial oil to it. Just a great cream for you or your mom to have in your arsenal.

The Moisturizing Eye Bomb (this is a deluxe sample size) was surprisingly lovely. Although it’s a gel, it’s remarkably hydrating and feels incredibly cooling and refreshing. Perfect for people who don’t like super heavy eye creams.

Buy it at: Moisturizing Bomb (cream) at Sephora $38, Moisturizing Eye Bomb at Sephora $48


5. AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel

A friend of mine swears by this enzyme peel, and her skin is FLAWLESS, like literally flawless, so it’s gotta be good. I have a review of the AmorePacific Treatment Enzyme Peel on the blog, and it’s a great gentle exfoliator that gives your skin instant brightening and smoothing results. It’s really quite amazing how the white powder foams up and instantly smooths out skin texture. Perfect for both anti-aging and for blemish-busting…or for those of us who want to address both.

Buy it at: Sephora $60


6. Bastide Figue d’Ete Body Wash*

I recently discovered Bastide, a French fragrance brand that is based in Provence. Their Figue d’Ete Body Wash is one of my favorite ways to pamper myself every time I jump in the shower or bath. The more I use it, the more obsessed I am by the scent. It’s a mild body wash made of natural, gentle ingredients that is handmade in France using soap cauldrons the old-fashioned way. I love the combination of natural, clean, non-toxic beauty products with an exquisite, elegant fragrance. The Figue d’Ete is a delicate floral scent with a fresh note of lush greenery, that is so evocative of summer days spent outdoors (on a gorgeous estate in Provence of course).

Buy it at: Nordstrom $42

This scent also comes in a hand cream for $12 and a soap for $20


7. Commodity 3×3 Exploration Set

There’s something so unconventional and appealing about the names of Commodity fragrances. Oolong. Book. Orris. I can’t resist anything that claims to smell like tea. This set comes with 3 votive-size candles and 3 travel-size perfume spritzers. I ordered this for myself already, and the votives are adorable and the travel sprays a decent size. This is great for any mom who is interested in fragrances and would like to try a few different ones.

Buy it at: Sephora $38


8. Huxley Be Moist, Be Clean Cleansing Duo*

I’ve recommended this gift set numerous times (reviewed here), but I’m including it again here because I really do think it would make a fabulous Mother’s Day gift. As anyone who is a mom can probably relate to, some days, we’re lucky to do the most basic of skincare and self-care. Like removing our makeup and washing our faces. This duo includes a cleansing water, which is an easy no-fuss way to remove makeup effectively, and a gentle gel cleanser. Both smell AMAZING like a fresh bouquet of flowers.

Buy it at: Huxley Cleansing Gift Set OHLOLLY for $50 (get 15% off all Huxley from 5/3/2018 to 5/7/2018 with HUXLEY15MAY)


If you’re a Mom, I hope you take some time out for some much-needed pampering. It’s okay to take care of yourself once in a while. Everyone else will survive. And they’ll probably appreciate you more. It took becoming a mom myself to appreciate the sacrifice and hard work it takes to just keep a family going (love you Mom). All the little details and mundane things that need to be taken care of. All the splinters, and scraped knees, and hurt feelings that need to be kissed and cuddled. As I’ve gotten older I’ve also come to appreciate how important it is to have a community of supportive people around you who can help you out, because you can’t do it alone. Love and blessings, Moms. You’re doing a great job. <3 <3 <3



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