KBeauty Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is coming up FAST – every year it seems to sneak up on me. I’m lucky in that both my mom and my mother-in-law share an interest in skincare and KBeauty with me, which makes gift-giving way more… Continue Reading

How to Update Your Skincare Routine for the Spring

  After a winter of enjoying my rich moisturizers and facial oils, I’m ready to refresh my skincare routine for the warmer weather. As we head into April, the weather’s been positively balmy (well, let’s be real, here in Southern… Continue Reading

My 5 Favorite Cheap Sheet Masks

  I never used to be a big sheet mask fan because I don’t like drippy things, and also, I’m extremely impatient. But I’ve since seen the light. When I’m using a sheet mask regularly, like every few nights or… Continue Reading

How to use Acids In Your Skincare Routine

I hope that after reading my previous post about the Asian Skincare Routine – The Basics, you have a good understanding of how to use cleansers, toners, serums, and creams. Although the so-called 10-step Asian Skincare Routine can seem intimidating… Continue Reading

Asian Skincare Routine — The Basics

  I’ve gotten more than a few friends to jump on the Asian skincare routine train with me, and the most common feedback I hear is that people are overwhelmed by the number of products and how to order them… Continue Reading

2017 Beauty Resolutions

  Happy New Year Everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and are looking forward to a great 2017. I didn’t do anything too crazy last night — instead I put the kids down at a… Continue Reading

2016 Favorites

2016 is almost over, friends, and it’s time to do a round up of my favorite products of the year. These five beauty products pretty much defined my routine in the past year, even though there were lots of other… Continue Reading

Gentle Exfoliation for Sensitive Skin

  As I get older, I find that my skin has been getting more sensitive to harsher ingredients and treatments. Or it could be that with more experience of what I put on my skin, I notice the effects more.… Continue Reading

The 3 Best Things I’ve Done for My Skin

Or, how I got my skin from dehydrated and acne-prone to clear and hydrated. As I’ve mentioned before on my night routine post, my skin used to be less than stellar. Throughout most of my twenties, I struggled with sporadic… Continue Reading