How to Update Your Skincare Routine for the Spring

  After a winter of enjoying my rich moisturizers and facial oils, I’m ready to refresh my skincare routine for the warmer weather. As we head into April, the weather’s been positively balmy (well, let’s be real, here in Southern… Continue Reading

Saranghae Skin – An Introduction to the Korean-Inspired 5-Step Skin Care Routine

  I’ve had the opportunity recently to help a few friends and relatives get into some of my favorite Korean and Asian skin care products, and if you know me, you know that I love to be helpful.When my cousin asked… Continue Reading

How to use Acids In Your Skincare Routine

I hope that after reading my previous post about the Asian Skincare Routine – The Basics, you have a good understanding of how to use cleansers, toners, serums, and creams. Although the so-called 10-step Asian Skincare Routine can seem intimidating… Continue Reading

Asian Skincare Routine — The Basics

  I’ve gotten more than a few friends to jump on the Asian skincare routine train with me, and the most common feedback I hear is that people are overwhelmed by the number of products and how to order them… Continue Reading

Travel Beauty Essentials for Camping

  My family and I are going camping in Yosemite soon, and in addition to getting all our camping gear and kids gear ready, I’m also taking time out to plan what I’m going to bring in terms of beauty… Continue Reading

The 3 Best Things I’ve Done for My Skin

Or, how I got my skin from dehydrated and acne-prone to clear and hydrated. As I’ve mentioned before on my night routine post, my skin used to be less than stellar. Throughout most of my twenties, I struggled with sporadic… Continue Reading

My (Summer) Morning Routine

If you’re like me, mornings are kind of a mad rush. Between getting two kids washed, dressed, fed, and ready for the day, and hopefully leaving the house with matching shoes and brushed hair (both me AND the kids), I… Continue Reading

My Skincare Routine (Night)

I’ve only had a skincare routine for about a year and a half. I used to just wash with a foaming cleanser, and maybe moisturize if I felt like it. Since I developed a better skincare routine, I kid you not, my skin… Continue Reading