Photography Process

Photography Process


6-8 Weeks Before

  • Book Your Shoot!
  • Please be aware that I am very tightly scheduled with other clients, so please plan ahead of time!
  • Complete intake paperwork, letting me know approximate number of photos and style so I can give you an accurate quote and timeline for completion
  • Deposit (25%) required for first-time clients to hold your spot
  • Agree on usage and licensing rights and sign contract

1-2 Weeks Before

  • Ship products and ensure they reach me by 5 business days before your shoot date
  • Send your creative brief and shot list
  • Be available to answer questions about the brief and consult on any prop or ingredient purchases

Week of Shoot

  • Be prepared and available to answer questions
  • All shoots are done remotely at my home studio
  • I choose the best photos and send them to you (I do not send rough edits as many of my setups take post-production into account)
  • You approve photos and/or request re-edits or reshoots as needed (please be aware that while I always try to fix any quality issues, any reshoots due to creative changes may be charged at the full rate based on my discretion)
  • I send my invoice and information for payment – payment is due within 7 days
  • If you require any products or prototypes to be sent back to you, please provide a prepaid mailing label 


Is retouching included in the price?

Color correction, dust removal, brightness/exposure, white balance adjustment, background straighten, and basic retouching for flaws are included. Major Photoshop compositing is not included and will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Are props included in the price?

(For now) All props in my prop library are available to use free of charge. However, if additional props are required specifically for your shoot, the cost will be added to your invoice (I will always check with you beforehand and make sure you approve). For props that require more legwork to source, an extra fee may apply (such as hourly fee and mileage). If you wish you may also send props to my address.

Can you provide multiple options for each layout at no extra charge?

Generally no. My setups often take post-production into account so each photo often requires extensive editing to achieve my creative vision, therefore editing multiple options means the work is multiplied. If you require multiple angles, please let me know ahead of time so I can assess the appropriate pricing.

Will you reshoot photos if I don’t like them?

Reshoots and re-edits based on quality are always free (for instance, glare on a label that obscures text, dust or stains that I missed, a product being covered so that the photo is not usable). However, I assume that if you came to me, you like my images and trust my creativity, so any creative changes that require reshoots will be charged at the full cost of photography. This is why communication and a detailed creative brief and shot list are essential prior to beginning your shoot.

What happens if shipping is delayed or I can’t get the products/creative brief to you on time?

I am very tightly scheduled with other clients, and can offer very little flexibility with timing. If you are unable to get your products and creative deck to me on time (as outlined in the Photography Process section above), I cannot guarantee I can deliver final photos on time and may have to reschedule your shoot to a later date. I always try my best to accommodate you (for instance if it happens to be a slow week at the studio) but cannot guarantee it.

If we have to cancel/reschedule your shoot due to delays on your end, you may lose your initial deposit, since I blocked off time for you that I would have otherwise scheduled with another client.

I need rush photos in 48 hours/1 week/etc! Can you accommodate me?

Generally as mentioned above, I am booked out 6-8 weeks in advance and have little flexibility. However, if I am available for rush orders, a rush fee will apply.

What are your prices and do you have packages available?

Pricing will depend on the complexity of your shoot and number of images but start at a minimum $1200 investment. Please contact me for a custom quote at

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