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One of the first questions people ask me when I tell them about my Korean beauty routine is where do you buy this stuff? It can be a little overwhelming to explain, so I’ve compiled here a list of online resources and shops that I have personally shopped from and I know are reliable. I’m also sharing some discounts and coupon codes to make your purchase more affordable. Some of these are affiliate links and coupon codes, which will be marked with an asterisk (*). You won’t pay any more if you shop using these affiliate links, but they do generate a small commission which supports more blog content.


Wishtrend.com* (Get $5 off your first order with promo code 094575202): Whereas Memebox is more of a “fun” kbeauty site, I think of Wishtrend as more of a “serious skincare” kbeauty retailer. The brands they sell tend to have excellent reputations for ingredients and formulations. They ship direct from Korea, free shipping over $69 USD. However, if you order a product from their “free shipping” page, your entire order will ship free.


Cupidrop.com (Get 15% off first order if you sign up for the newsletter): This US-based kbeauty store offers an excellent selection of carefully curated products. They are the exclusive US retailer of Atrue products (a tea-based skincare brand) and offer excellent customer service. Ships free over $50.


Jolse.com This kbeauty shop is well-known for their excellent customer service (in fact, in the Asian Beauty community on Reddit, Jolse is affectionately nicknamed “bae”). They offer a large selection and free shipping from Korea.


BBCosmetic.com (Use my affiliate code DDVRQ03UP0SG to get 10% off until the end of July, and 8% off until the end of August 2016). This is a relatively new online store, but BBCosmetic is an Amazon seller that has sold a large volume on Amazon, so it’s hasn’t come out of nowhere. I have personally ordered successfully from them, and they deliver fast and give lots of fun freebies. They have a good selection of less commonly available and special edition products (as well as regular popular brands). Free shipping on all orders internationally, which is pretty amazing!


GlowRecipe.com* (Get $5 off your first purchase). Glow Recipe is a US based kbeauty store that has a collection of curated products that get a lot of great reviews, including brands such as Whamisa, Blossom Jeju, Blithe, and more. They were also recently featured on Shark Tank! Free shipping over $50.


Peach and Lily* (get $10 off your first purchase over $50). Peach and Lily, the US based Kbeauty distributor, has exclusive US distribution rights for many brands, partnering with stores like Urban Outfitters, Target, and more. Their online shop is the easiest place to access some higher end brands like Aromatica, Shangpree, May Coop, and Cremorlab. P&L has done a lot to popularize Korean beauty in the US. HOWEVER, they significantly mark up some prices — I’m thinking specifically of Mizon products, which you can buy direct from Korea for about a third of their price on P&L.


RoseRoseShop.com RoseRoseShop (RRS) generally has the lowest prices for kbeauty products, but they have a tiered shipping system where you pay by weight. I personally have ordered many times from them, and I think that if you order a lot of samples and lighter weight items, it turns out to be cheaper than shopping from a free shipping site. RRS has a huge selection of samples for sale, so it’s a great place to order from if you’re starting out on your kbeauty journey and want to try out a lot of products before committing.



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