Review: Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream

  I’ve been working on a few different posts at the same time, but in the midst of typing out a review of a BB cushion, I realized that I’ve never reviewed the Missha M Signature Real Complete BB Cream,… Continue Reading

Review: Missha Cho Bo Yang Toner and Emulsion

  A few¬†weeks ago I got my mom the Missha Cho Bo Yang gift set that included the toner, emulsion, a mini-essence, and cream. Being a bit of a hanbang noob (hanbang = skincare based on herbal traditional Korean medicine),… Continue Reading

July 2015 Hauls & Mini-Reviews

Guys, I hauled a little too hard this month. I mean, it’s only the 17th and I’m definitely on a no-buy for the rest of the month. A no-buy that I broke this morning. I have a problem. Well, as… Continue Reading